Strong is the New Skinny!

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment! 

It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve!  

I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness! 

The amount of fun and levels of energy

you will experience will far exceed the workload! 


Strong is the new skinny!

I Aim to Inspire, Encourage and empower you 

to become the badass you were always meant to be!




Read that again.

The truth is, there’s no quick fix. There’s just hard work. Lots of it.  

One of the things that makes losing weight and getting healthy so hard is that it requires us to change.And let’s face it, change is hard.


Instead of looking at what we are sacrificing, we become proud of what we are gaining.

We remove the obstacles, little by little with small, subtle changes that add up to HUGE results!

Focusing on Mind, Body and Soul,

My programming incorporates daily Mindset tools,

30-minute workouts you can do from home, the gym, or with me,

and spiritual practices that help guide us

back into alignment with our best selves.

Partnered with educating proper, balanced nutrition,

incorporating healthier thoughts, feelings and actions, 

and breaking any physical limitations we put on ourselves,

we begin changing the relationship we have with

our Food,

our bodies,

our selves.

Yes, change can be hard.

But so can....

*not fitting into that dress from last year,

*Bathing suit shopping 

*chasing your toddler all day long and passing out after 30 seconds

*hiding from family photos 

*Not liking what you see in the mirror

*Not being comfortable in your own skin...



Lisa Rogers!!!


I have known Lisa for a number of years before losing touch for a few.

When we reunited, I had found out she had a series of unfortunate events to overcome such as Lyme’s disease to knee surgery. 

During these times, Lisa had gained a few extra pounds and it was restricting her mobility, it was stripping her of living the life in which she was accustomed, but most importantly, it was weighing her down mentally, emotionally and physically.

In June, Lisa jumped into one of our challenge groups and pushed through with her limitations, soon exceeding them. She changed the way she ate, which was like a bird, by increasing her caloric intake by following her customized meal plan…and the weight started to roll off. This was increasing her mobility and strength during her workouts, she had more energy, and was overall HAPPY!


From June to October, Lisa has lost 50 pounds!

She didn't do it by starving herself.

She didn't do it by hours of gym time.

She didn't do it by depriving herself of her favorite foods.

She didn't do it with a quick-fix scam.

No pills, no shakes, no “diets.”

She did it by following a balanced meal plan, a motivated mindset and

30-minutes of daily movement.


Congrats, Lisa! Your next month is FREE! 

50 pounds lost
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