Fitness Mindset Coaching


  • Struggling with your health and fitness regimen?

  • Continuously quitting before completing programs?

  • Eating your feelings?

  • Tired of trying EVERYTHING and nothing working?

  • Ready to take control of your life?

  • Looking for something that WORKS?

  • Seeking lifelong changes in your health and wellness?

  • Craving more energy?

  • Longing for more happiness?



Then I learned about meditation and mindset mastery, and EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! 

My name is Kathleen Perez, 
founder of Fitfam Fitness 
Vibe Tribe Treasures,
creator of. the
90-Day Mind, Body, and Soul 
Transformation Program

My passion in life is empowering women to reach their fullest potential! Being a fitness coach these past few years has shown me my fierce love of helping women reach their fitness goals, while fitness has shown me it is more than physical, it is in INSIDE JOB! What you believe,you can achieve!

Working with meditation and mindset mastery has created a significant improvement in my life! Our minds control our actions! Once we figure out how to retrain our brains, we become limitless! There is nothing you can’t do, have, or be!

The 90-Day Mind, Body & Soul Transformation Program

In this group, you can expect:

  • Customized Meal Plan

  • 90 Day Workout Program 

  • DAILY LIVE meditations

  • DAILY LIVE intention setting

  • DAILY LIVE guided workout

  • DAILY LIVE journaling exercise

  • 30-Day Mind, Body and Soul Workbook

  • Who Are You and Why are You Here Workbook

  • Weekly LIVE assignments

  • Weekly progress checklist

  • Weekly group Zoom call

​Are you ready for change?
Are you ready to commit to YOURSELF?

Are you ready to begin your journey?

90-Day Mind, Body & Soul
Transformation Program

$99 for 90 Days!
That's ONLY $1.11/day!

3-monthly payments of $33!