Monday Meltdown or Motivation?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

You open your eyes and see it is light outside, you know you are late! The first instinct is to crawl back under the blankets and hide the shame and guilt from the world! You missed the alarm again! Did you hit snooze? Did you turn it off while dreaming? Did you even set it? "NOT AGAIN! Ugh-I can't believe I failed again! I'm suck a F%&* up!"

STOP! Don't let one ef-up Ef-Up your entire day! Get up-get moving-get redeeming! Whatever we focus on, it will GROW! If you continue to focus on "I'm late-I screwed up-I'm an idiot...."blahblahblah, you will see the day will follow that thought. Next thing you know, you have a flat tire. Then, once finally on the road, you spill the coffee down your freshly pressed white blouse. Oh great! Just in time to sit in this traffic! Of course, your boss, who NEVER comes to the office, is there at your desk and needed you as soon as you arrived, but you weren't there yet. "Could this day get any worse?" "Hold my beer!" shouts the Universe!

But if you give yourself some grace, shake it off, accept the flaw, SMILE, and keep it moving, your day will follow suit!

Ok, so you were supposed to start that new workout this morning, your boss is pissed, you spent that "extra" cash you found on your car and dry cleaning...but you are still breathing. So BREATHE!

You can throw on the workout t-shirt you had in your bag and make up that workout during lunch break (if you don't have to work through it!). Or you could do it right now!

IG Week 2 Day 1Workout

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