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"If you can see it, you can be it."

When you envision yourself hitting a goal and really feel what that would feel like, your brain and body act as if that goal has already happened. And once your brain and your body are on board, you’ll take the steps necessary to making that goal a reality—whether it’s getting fit, finishing a marathon, assembling the best team in your industry, or launching a successful product.

How to work visualization into your routine

The key to using visualization to hit your goals? Consistency, consistency, consistency.

You can’t expect to close your eyes, visualize yourself hitting a goal, and then hit that goal five minutes later. That’s not the way visualization works.

Finding success with visualization takes commitment. You need to set aside time every day to visualize yourself hitting your goals if you want those goals to become a reality.

When you take that time is up to you, but most experts suggest working visualization into your life in two ways: the first as a part of your morning routine, and the second when you’re taking actual steps towards your goal.

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